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Body Language

Sacred  Massage  Of  Totomo:  
THE TOTOMO is a prized possession among the ancestral culture of Aruba and it is used to save water. We make use of the Canica of Totomo with seawater in order to restore one's vital energy. The stress and pent-up tension will disappear the moment your feet are cleansed in water of Totomo, continuing with a swedish massage and a choice of one of the following enhancements: coconut scalp massage, paraffin of the feet, or foot conditioning. Giving you an extraordinary sensation of freshness, while relaxing the tightened muscles and improving circulation.

Time: 50 min • One Person: US$125    |    Time: 80 min • One Person: US$175

Therapeutic  Massage:
This relaxing medium pressured massage focuses on those parts of the body, which are mostly affected by the lack of exercise or physical limitations using different massage techniques which release the accumulated stress and fatigue.

Time: 50 min • One Person: US$150    |    Time: 80 min • One Person: US$200

Anti-stress  Massage:
This deep massage treatment will improve    energy flow throughout the body, relaxing the muscles in a profound way, achieving a balance of consciousness and inner well-being.

Time: 50 min • One Person: US$145    |    Time: 80 min • One Person: US$195

Heaven  and  Earth:
Relax while we transport you to heaven on earth with this massage that focuses on your head and feet.

Time: 50 min • One Person: US$105    |    Time: 80 min • One Person: US$155 

Cherishing  Mom-To-Be  Massage:
A total body massage to achieve complete relaxation by balancing and harmonizing the expecting body during this precious waiting period.

Time: 50 min • One Person: US$145    |    Time: 80 min • One Person: US$195

Couples  Massage:
Share the experience of a couple’s massage bringing the balance of the Yin and the Yang with a massage to accomplish the deepest feeling of relaxation.

Swedish Massage
Time: 50 min • Per Couple: US$235    |    Time: 80 min • Per Couple: US$325 

Therapeutic / Anti-stress Massage
Time: 50 min • Per Couple: US$285    |    Time: 80 min • Per Couple: US$385

Shiatsu  Massage:
This ancient Japanese acupressure treatment uses deep pressure point massage to help improve blood circulation and lymphatic function. This service is a great way to reduce muscle tension and fatigue while improving your body’s energy flow.

Time: 50 min • One Person: US$175

Reflex  Foot  Massage:

Embark on a journey of reflex foot nurturing. Following a refreshing foot scrub, we use deep thumb and hand pressures to direct specific messages to health-related points on your feet. By relieving the buildup of ‘crystals' and muscle soreness in your feet, overall attention to your complete health is given.

Time: 50 min • One Person: US$95 |    Time: 80 min • One Person: US$145

Faces of Purun

Purun  Sensation  Facial:
Experience a pleasant feeling with our facial of essences that will give you a fresh face that is smooth and toxin-free. This treatment helps to protect the skin from the elements of the environment such as stress and dehydration giving you purification, softness, and anti-aging hydration.

Time: 30 min • One Person: US$85    |    Time: 50 min • One Person: US$120 

Aromatic  Caribbean  Facial:
This facial is dedicated to all kinds of skin of European origin designed to hydrate and oxygenate. A moisturizing 100% fruit extracts mask will stretch the hydration to your skin; while it absorbs the benefits of the mask you will receive a foot or hand massage.

Time: 50 min • One Person: US$125

The  Experts  Of  Purun  Facial:
Experience an incredible sensation of comfort with this facial dedicated to sensitive skins, thanks to its tranquilizing components. It decongests and smooths the skin simultaneously while reinforcing the cutaneous barrier.

Time: 50 min • One Person: US$135

Hydro  Force  Sport  Facial:
A unique facial created especially for the gentlemen. It starts with a revitalizing back massage-followed by a deep facial cleansing in which special attention is given to the pores and skin irritations caused by the shaved and dehydrated skin. Helping the driest areas of the face and absorbing those areas of fat, giving a purity and matte tone.

Time: 50 min • One Person: US$125

Wellness Body Treatments

Wrap of Collagen

Enjoy a complete anti-aging treatment that begins with massage movements applying a mask of essential oils of collagen and ingredients that help to reaffirm the body. This treatment will provide you with a feeling of firmness and softness during the wrap, including a facial massage and scalp massage.

Time: 75 min • One Person: US$145

Coconut  Milk  And  Aloe  Wrap:
This gentle treatment is ideal for dry skins. To have soft and smooth skin it begins with an exfoliation throughout the body in aloe, which helps to erase imperfections and dead cells. Finalizing this experience with a delightful application of coconut milk and a tailored massage based on Swedish methods to give to the skin hydration and restoring the natural beauty of your body.

Time: 75 min • One Person: US$140

Perfect  Slim  Effect  Wrap:
Experience the power of aromatherapy with our treatment that begins with an exfoliation of fruits and spices, which stimulate microcirculation. Enjoy a sculpting massage to shape the body in localized areas using essential oils, such as Toronja and Bergamont. To Detoxify and improve your metabolism. Enfold the body with a body mask containing concentrated oils and active ingredients that complement the effectiveness of the treatment.

Time: 75 min • One Person: US$150

Purun  Detox:
Experience the best wrap therapy to stimulate the mechanism of the body that segregates toxins. This treatment uses natural oils that include orange, lemon, tangerine and Ylang-Ylang. The result of this relaxing experience is excellent for relieving digestive problems.

Time: 80 min • One Person: US$165

Personal Detoxification Sauna Wrap:
Come indulge in a service that makes you sweat more, sleep better, assist in weight loss, pain management, skin purification, detoxification and stress reduction. This service is a compliment to a workout in a solo service or an add on to a spa service. During the 45min service indulge in a scalp, neck and shoulder massage. 

Time: 25 min • One Person: US$35 | Time: 45 min • One Person: US$60

Purun Signature Recipes For Relaxation

Purun’s Journey of Love:
Begin your unforgettable journey of tranquility and relaxation with a cleansing acupressure conditioning foot ritual. Balancing and harmonizing of the body during an 80 min aromatherapy massage. Reinvigorating the mind with a scalp massage. Complete your journey with an exquisite tea service or a champagne toast. 

Time: 120 min • Per Couple: US$345

Mescal  Bucuti:
At times, you just want to relax and de-stress! Start with our fantastic wrap therapy which uses a combination of oils such as lavender, violet, and sandalwood. to relieve the daily stress, fatigue, and insomnia. Complete your journey of relaxation with a manicure and pedicure.

Time: 180 min • One Person: US$285

Purun Spa Enhancements

Hot  Stone  Spa  Enhancement:  US$ 30

Paraffin  Spa  Enhancement:  US$ 15

In-room  Spa  Enrichment  P/p:  US$ 30

Enhancement  of  Time  (30  min):  US$ 55

Foot  Conditioning  Enhancement:  US$ 25

Personal Detox Sauna Enhancement (25min): US$ 35

Nail Care

Traditional  Manicure:  US$ 35

Gentleman’s  Manicure:  US$ 30

Traditional  Pedicure:  US$ 55

Manicure & Pedicure Package: US$ 80

Hand  Polish  Change:  US$ 15

Foot  Polish  Change:  US$ 20

Shellac  Removal  (Hand  or  Foot):  US$ 15

Shellac  Enhancement:  US$ 25

French Polish Enhancement (Hand or Foot): US$ 7


Full  Leg:  US$ 65

Half  Leg:  US$ 40

Underarm:  US$ 20

Bikini:  US$ 35

Back:  US$ 45

Arms:  US$ 25

Lip  /  Brow  /  Chin  /  Nape:  US$ 15 each