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​​Monday to Saturday 9AM - 6PM  (297) 583 1100 Ext 120

Outdoor Services

Heaven & Earth @ the Beach: 
Enjoy the Fresh Ocean Breeze & View, while we transport you to heaven on earth. This massage will focus on your scalp, head, shoulder, and feet using relaxation and reflex foot massage techniques.

Time: 45 min • One Person: US$100    |    Time: 75 min • One Person: US$150

Aruba Aloe Facial:
Discover our island’s beauty secrets for a perfect Sun Protection facial.  This facial will Hydrate your skin and protect it against the sun using our own Aruba grown aloe. The aloe will help smooth wrinkles and improve the shape of the face.

Time: 45 min • One Person: US$115

Ocean & Sand Foot Massage:
Experience a journey of reflex foot nurturing.  A refreshing foot scrub we start with and use deep thumb and hand pressures to direct specific messages to health-related points on your feet.  We apply cooling black beach stones to help relieve the buildup of crystals and muscle soreness in your feet, receiving an overall attention to your complete health.

Time: 45 min • One Person: US$85

Thai Massage:
A masterful fusion of Ayurvedic stretching techniques and the Chinese method of deep tissue pressure point massage to stimulate blood flow and release toxins, this dry massage realigns the body and restores suppleness. Thai Massage is performed fully clothed. Suggested attire is loose-fitting clothing or Yoga wear.

Time: 50 min • One Person: US$175    |    Time: 80 min • One Person: US$225

Cabana Massage

Swedish Massage:
Time: 45 min • One Person: US$110 |    Time: 75 min • One Person: US$155

Deep Tissue:
Time: 45 min • One Person: US$130    |    Time: 75 min • One Person: US$180 


Couples Cabana Massage

Swedish Massage:
Time: 45 min • Per  Couple: US$205    |    Time: 75 min • Per Couple: US$305

 Deep Tissue Massage:
Time: 45 min • Per  Couple: US$245    |    Time: 75 min • Per Couple: US$345